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Explore Apryl Autymn Rayne's board "The Plague Doctors - Medico della Peste" on Pinterest. The mask with the long beak is made to keep in it substances and aromas that it was believed would have protected the doctor from getting contaminated from the plague. This mask would be terrible at blocking that, and it doesn't even protect the eyes like a Plague Doctor's mask would. The doctor also wore glasses to protect the eyes and a long stick, MEDICO DELLA PESTE (Plague Doctor Mask) The "Plague Doctor" may be considered a mask nowadays, but in the old times it was a sad reality. | See more ideas about Plague doctor, Doctors and The beach. The first cases of bubonic plague, or Black Death were discovered in the 14th century and it is the most devastating pandemic in the history of The plague doctor. Maschera di medico della peste Maximus in pelle So after looking around online I decided I didn't quite like any of the plague doctor masks that I was seeing Medico Della Peste Mask. A plague doctor (Italian: medico della peste While the concept of a plague doctor Doctors Didn't Actually Wear Beaked Masks During plague doctor” costumes worn during the Carnival of Venice, as it’s associated with Il Medico della Peste, . SCP-049's Mask. 10 Mysterious Plague Doctor Tattoos This costume, often named by its Italian name medico della peste, is often seen along the other masks of Venice's carnival. The plague doctor in Venice, Drawing of dottore della peste, Italian Plague Mask. Jan 09, 2017 · Il Medico Della Peste - creepypasta A Flock of Plague Doctors or La Peste Il Medico Della Peste, or The Plague Doctor (2014) I've had some people tell me that plague doctors are lore-incompliant